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Old Antique Clocks and Their Makers

Antique Mantel Clocks: Don't Get Burned, Buy With Knowledge 

Victor Raingo, Maker of antique mantel clocks of Raingo Freres

As I mention on the home page, the two things that dictate the value about old mantel clocks, are the beauty of the case, and the overall look, including the dial, bronze work, overall intricacy of the design and the universal appeal of the mantel clock. The other thing that is most important to the value of the clock is the maker. Famous  mantel clock makers such as Raingo Freres, Bourret, F. Berthoud, and Deniere, will command top dollars when their mantel clocks come up for sale.

Other very well-known names such as Marti, Japy, or Ansonia, while many of their clocks are superb, they will not command as much when they come up for sale. The image on the right is of Victor Raingo, of Raingo Freres.  

If you are to be well armed with all the information you will need, then understanding this, you will purchase the antique or vintage mantelpiece clock of your choice, as well as by the maker who you prefer. Understanding who the makers are of old antique mantel clocks will also help you to be able to date old mantel clocks better. For example, in the most general terms, old mantelpiece clocks by the famous makers of the 1700’s will generally bring higher dollar amounts than those of the 1800’s. A clear example would be antique mantel clocks made by Bourret, as he was a prime maker of old mantel clocks in the $1700’s vs. an old mantel clock made by Japy Freres in the late 1800’s.

For continuing information about old antique clocks, from the greats to the also rans, but proficient brand names, please keep an eye out for a continually new series of posts on the subject of old antique clocks. I may or may not delve into some of their lives more extensively, but in any event I will always be covering the makers of these marvelous old antique clocks and the beauty they bring to telling the time. 

Join in on the pleasure and experience of the world of antique clocks, through our stunning collection of beautifully crafted French mantel clocks. Don’t forget to explore our other exquisite timepieces, including American clocks, Art Deco clocks, and antique carriage clocks, each with its unique charm and history.

I hope that you find this information both of interest and of value. PLEASE CLICK NOW ON ANY OF THE LINKS BELOW to learn more about antique clock makers.