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the Carriage Clock: SMALL AND PRETTY

Antique Carriage Clock
Magnificent Repeater, Circa 1895

Gilded gorge case French Repeater For Sale

This antique carriage clock for sale is a fine French repeater. It is a late 19th century, gilded gorge case with five beveled glasses and folding handle. It has a roman numeral white enamel dial with blued steel Breguet style hands and subsidiary alarm chapter It has an 8 day, three train movement with lever platform, striking the hour and half hour on a gong, and repeating the last hour on demand. This is a superb example of fine French carriage clocks. Price: CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US REGARDING PRICING.

Fun French Enameled Glass Carriage Clock

A Lovely 19th century French enameled on glass repeating carriage clock. It features a wonderfully and professionally crafted bronze and enameled glass construction with painted nude women on the glass. The clock mechanism is marked ‘Made in France’ underneath the bell. It measures 8″ x 4″ x 3 1/4″ with handle up. This antique carriage timepiece possess a great looking dial. Price: $995.00 CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US REGARDING PURCHASE.

Antique Carriage Clock
French Risque Repeater c 1890
Antique Carriage Clock
French c 1900

Antique Carriage Clock Sevres Style Panels

French antique mini carriage clock, c 1900. It features Sevres style painted glass panels. The case is 2.5″ high. A lovely antique for either your desk or shelf, especially when space is of issue. This cutie is a fine example of antique carriage timepieces.  Price: SOLD.  

Carriage Clock: Wreath and Bowknot Handle

Fancy French Carriage Clock, made for Black, Starr & Frost, New York, It is a fancy repeating carriage timepiece, with the base an inverted fleur de lis like floral ornaments, alternating with bellflowers and with flanking, rectangular coffers containing foliate rosettes. Each are below pilasters, which in turn support a frieze with ornament.

Atop of this French carriage clock beauty,  echoing the base, is a  top with wreath and bowknot handle and animal head mounts. It features an engine turned dial mask with beveled surround, roman numeral white enamel chapter ring with blued steel Breguet style hands, with subsidiary enamel alarm chapter below 6:00, 8 day, three train movement with lever platform and cut bimetallic balance, striking the hours and half hour on a gong, and repeating the last hour on demand.

As clocks go, the design of this case is as intricate as its mechanics.  Price: CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US REGARDING PRICING.

Antique Carriage Clock
French Repeater c 1910
Antique Carriage Clock
Oval Repeater c 1860

Unique Oval Carriage Clock

This is a uniquely beautiful French carriage clock. It is a third quarter 19th century engraved, oval repeating carriage timepiece. It possesses a molded top and base with five beveled glasses set in engraved frames, the top with engraved, scrolling handle, roman numeral white enamel dial with blued steel Breguet style hands, a subsidiary alarm chapter, and gilt, engine turned matte.

This vintage stunner has an 8 day, three train movement with lever platform, striking the hour and half hour on a gong, and repeating the last hour on demand. Price: CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US REGARDING PRICING.

Delicately Filligreed Face Mask

This is a Charming old French Carriage clock with the case having beveled glass panels and a brass filigree dial mask. It is an 8-day spring-driven movement with silvered platform escapement, from late 19th Century. This old clock measures 7 1/4 x 4 x 3 1/2 inches. The canvas wrapped travel case that it comes with, has wear commensurate with age. It is from the late 1800s. Price: CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US REGARDING PRICING.

Antique Carriage Clock
Finely Filligreed, Late 1800s

French clocks 

Discover the majestic elegance of the French Romantic era with our breathtaking range of expertly crafted French carriage clocks. Don’t forget to explore our other exquisite timepieces, including American clocks, Art Deco clocks, and antique carriage clocks, each with its unique charm and history.

French Carriage
Anglaise Style Case


This is a grand French carriage clock with an Anglaise style case, chiming on the hour and measuring 7.25 inches high with the handle up, 4 inches wide, and 3.5 inches deep circa the turn of the last century. This magnificent antique carriage clock possesses pyramid banding and a finely painted dial with blue Roman numerals above similar second hand, alarm, and chiming mechanisms. It features a strike and repeat movement chiming on a coiled gong. This carriage clock is in fine working order. Price: Sold.


This is a rich-looking and fancy French 8-day carriage clock with time, chime, and repeat function in an Anglaise style case, ca 1890. This is a stunning-looking 6½ inches high case with a bowed glass front and columns on all four corners. The case has five beveled glasses, with the front having a large bow. This antique carriage timepiece possesses a great-looking dial and silver dial ring with indented and black, painted numerals. The inner dial is very fancy brass or gold gilt. This is a marvelous and very unusual old case. Price: Sold.

Gold Case Clock
French Bowed Glass Carriage
White Gold Case Clock
Chiming Carriage


This is a French 8-day chiming antique carriage clock circa 1880. The top and base are bowed on all four sides, but the glasses are flat. The case is 6 inches high. The movement is running and striking the gong on the hours. It has a perfect porcelain dial with sharp black paint, and the hands are correct on this beautiful chiming carriage old antique. Price: Sold.


This is a commanding and large 7-inch-high French 8-day antique carriage clock with time, chime, and repeat functions and a Corniche-style case circa 1890. There is a porcelain dial ring, fancy brass inner dial, and original hands. The repeat function is working properly. It is a very stunning antique fancy French case. Price: Sold.

French Carriage Clock
Corniche-style case circa 1890
Henry Clock
French carriage clock by Henri Jacot


This superb, large 19th-century gilt brass French carriage clock by Henri Jacot is one of the finest carriage clock makers of the period. The Corniche-style case is in heavy cast brass throughout, finished in a rich and virtually unblemished gilt. It chimes the hours and half hours. It is a classic Corniche style, glazed on all four sides and has an oval top window and hinged bale handle. This is a substantial piece and, excluding the handle, stands 5.25 inches high, 3.75 inches wide, and 3.25 inches deep. It weighs just short of 5 pounds. Price: Sold.


This is a very unique timepiece by the well-known Japy Freres. It is a high-quality one that is superbly ornate with beautiful Art Nouveau embossed designs. It stands 6.7 inches tall (not including the handle), 5.1 inches wide, and 3.9 inches deep. It is a unique timepiece from the late 1800s. Price: Sold.

Engraved Brass
Engraved Brass by Japy