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July 10, 2024
unique and beautiful French clock by Lerolle Freres a Paris.

In a world of beautiful French old clocks, one of the most unique designs comes from Lerolle Freres of Paris. This old clock reminds me of those Victorian writing desks, that ladies used to place in their laps as a portable desk. One could even argue that those desks were the first “laptop” computers.

The case of this unique Lerolle Freres old clock pictured in the featured image above is made of all Bronze, and in a two-tone gilding, you may find in many of the superior French old clocks, which even today, makes for one of the most unique clocks ever made. Nickel plating is used as a background for the more intricate gold-gilded features on this fabulous French mantel clock. This is quite extraordinary to be found elsewhere in old clocks of this period, but these two materials in the gilding process used together make it exceptionally so. I have seen all nickel-gilded French old clocks, but never one combined with gilded gold.

The most unique feature is that to access the clock dial for winding and more, one pushes a button on the rear of the clock, and voila, the front door opens. All other old clocks feature a bezel that opens, usually with glass set inside. With this French clock, unlike other old clocks, the whole front opens up and swings out. In addition to that, especially as you do not have ultimate maneuverability with the works in the back, the top opens via four screws for more access to the works.

Lerolle old clock 1

Three images are stitched together to show how this stunning old clock opens and closes at its front.

Who Made This Example of Unique Old Clocks?

Lerolle Freres a Paris was a renowned French clockmaking firm that left an indelible mark on the world of antique clocks. Established in the late 19th century, this Parisian workshop was renowned for its meticulous craftsmanship and innovative designs, creating timepieces that were not only functional but true works of art. The Parisian workshop of the “Brothers Lerolle,” whose father, Louis passed on the business to them in 1849. They also were featured at the Universal Exhibition in 1867 and were one of the leading bronziers in Paris in the 19th century.

These old clocks, produced by Lerolle Freres, were characterized by their unique and often ornate styling, blending traditional French clockmaking techniques with a touch of modern flair. From delicate mantel clocks to impressive “palace clock” models, each piece was a testament to the skilled artisanship of the Lerolle family.

The antique Lerolle Freres clocks have become highly sought-after by collectors and enthusiasts, who appreciate the rich history and timeless beauty that they embody. Whether adorning a grand mantelpiece or a cozy study, Lerolle Freres old clocks are a captivating reminder of the enduring legacy of French horology.

Other Old Clocks By Lerolle Freres a Paris

Here are some of the Lerolle Frerers a Paris clocks which show the masterful techniques of the brothers as bronziers. Today they are featured in some of the greatest auction houses in the world and whose realized prices can go into the high five figures.

httpswww.mayfairgallery.comlarge ormolu rococo style clock set lerolle freres
old clocks
httpswww.marcmaison.comobjets d art 19th century paintings and furnitureclocks garnituresgilded bronze clock signed lerolle freres paris showing minerva presenting her shield 11286
httpswww.1stdibs.comfurnituredecorative objectsclocksmantel clocksimportant lerolle freres clock 5 putti figures 19th centuryid f 38698942

These old masters, in order from left to right, are 1-  A 19th century Louis XVI style mercury fire gilded bronze ormolu mantel clock.  2- Important antique gilt bronze clock showing Ceres at the feet of Minerva presenting her shield. The dial located in an oval shield with enameled cartridges is signed “Lerolle Fres Paris.”. 3- This superb Napoleon III period three-piece clock set is comprised of a central mantel clock and a pair of flanking candelabra. 4- Important, big-sized clock made from white marble and gilded bronze in the second half of the 19th century in Paris, France, dated around 1870-1880.



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