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Art Deco mantel Clocks As "Art"

ART DECO MANTEL CLOCKS and their sculptures 

A Chiparus sculpture sitting on a Marti clock - Art Deco Mantel Clocks

Art Deco mantel clocks are often considered works of art due to their unique and stylish designs that reflect the Art Deco movement of the early 20th century. The Art Deco style is characterized by geometric shapes, bold colors, and futuristic designs. 

Art Deco mantel clocks were made using a variety of materials, including metal, glass, wood, and even plastics. They often featured intricate details such as etchings, engravings, and geometric patterns. The clocks were not only functional timepieces but also decorative pieces that added a touch of  elegance and sophistication to any space.

Many Art Deco mantel clocks were designed by prominent artists and craftsmen of the time, making them highly collectible and valuable. Some notable artists who designed Art Deco mantel clocks, include Demétre Chiparus, Jean Dunand, Louis Cartier, and André Groult.

Whether displayed on a mantel, desk, or wall, Art Deco clocks can transform a space into a scene from the Roaring Twenties. Their aesthetic appeal and historical significance make them a popular choice among art collectors and enthusiasts alike.


This is an Art Deco Clock in the style of Chiparus, which features a woman and her dog. This is a commonly repeating theme with Art Deco Clocks in both the French and German maker’s clocks.

This is a beautiful and classic Art Deco design. Art Deco mantel clocks are known for there bold and elegant style, and clocks featuring a woman and her dog are quite special. T If you have any specific questions about Art Deco or Chiparus, feel free to ask!

This beauty is circa 1920’s and made with Marble, Onyx & Metal Mantel Clock with elegant woman petting her dog. Very good condition, and as typical of many of these art deco clocks of this style, it is a 3 day wind. W 22″ h 11.5″ d 3.75.” Price $1,995.00 CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US REGARDING PURCHASE

Art Deco Mantel Clocks
Beauty in style of Chiparus
Art Deco Mantel Clocks
Early 1900's Art Nouveau

A Rosewood beauty in the bauhaus style

A beautiful  table clock rosewood, veneered, in the  art deco Bauhaus style, with arab numerals inlaid, abase on ball feet, and gilded hands. The movement was replaced by a Bim Bam movement with suspended gear, 1/2 hour rake striking on 2 bells, movement starts, 10.63 x 11.42 x 7.09 inches. The new movement, will give you years of pleasure before needing service. Price: $995.00 CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US REGARDING PURCHASE

Art Deco MANTEL  CLOCK Beauty

This is a bold Art Deco design with stags for a three piece clock set.
This stunner is made of onyx and black marble and the metal is probably spelter and it is patinated. This clock measures 11 inches tall by 26 inches wide and 3 inches deep.

The two garnishments measure 7 inches tall by 7 inches wide and 2 inches in depth. As most of this type of design was meant for desks, it is a 3 day wind clock. This is a very typical type of design of the Art Deco mantel clocks of the era, featuring the center “wheel” type clock, with animal garnisments along with end pieces in the matching stone.


Art Deco Mantel Clocks
Bauhaus Wood with Chrome
Art Deco Mantel Clocks
c 1930s with Seagulls


This gorgeous Art Deco desk clock, made from a beautiful piece of marble with brass numbers and hands, is 11 inches tall and 10 inches wide. It is  c 1930. It is a 3 day wind, with most of the similar Art Deco clocks of this type being the same wind. The higher the quality of marble typifies the higher quality to be found in the better Art Deco mantel clocks. This type of clock would look great on your desk, or shelf. Price: $695.00 CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US REGARDING PURCHASE 

A Stunning Art Deco Mantel Clock

This stunning Art Deco mantel clock has a size of 14w X 20h inches , with the side urns at 17″ tall. The clock is c1920 and it is in the style of Michel Decoux, 1837-1924 of France. Decoux was an extremely important sculpture during the Art Deco period, and is most noted for his deer sculptures, and other animal sculptures that are the feature of his Art Deco mantel clocks, many of which adorn the top of the better clocks of that era. I must state here, that Decoux along with Chiparus, are two of my favorite sculptures of statues and cases of the Art Deco mantel clocks of the period.  Price: $3,595.00 CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US REGARDING PURCHASE

Art Deco Mantel clock by Decoux
1930's Onyx Magnificence
Westminster Chiming Art Deco mantel clock
c 1950s by Luxor

A Fabulous Chiming Clock By Vedette

This Fab French Art Deco Mantel Clock. c 1930’s, chimes the Westminster Chimes, and can actually double as a beautiful piece of furniture, with its beautiful blond wooden case.  It possesses a dial with Roman numerals, and a time, strike, and chime movement. It is a very long 29.5 inches, 9 inches tall and 6 inches wide. The complete inside, with clock mechanism and chimes have been rebuilt, so you can be enjoying the music for years to come. Price: $895.00 CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US REGARDING PURCHASE 



This Art Deco clock measures approximately 10.25 x 21.75 x 3.5 inches. The garnitures measure  6 x 5.5 x 2.25 inches. The style of these types of Art Deco Clocks is more typical of the 1930s than the 1920s, the dawn of this era of style. The wind is a 3 day key wind.  Price: $1,295.00 CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US REGARDING PURCHASE

Art Deco Mantel Clocks
1930's  Marble with birds

Art Deco Mantel Clocks

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The French were the ones who had conceived the style we call Art Deco. It was a reaction to the stuffy Victorian styles and the start of the machine age. New York’s Chrysler building is a landmark example of this style, a style that also influenced architecture, furniture, sculpture, clothing, jewelry, and graphic design.


This is an Art Deco clock by Chiparus containing a mechanism by Marti. It features a stylish woman seated on a raised stone bench and gesturing at a patinated mixed metal dog. Rarely do you see these statues in such a high-quality state of preservation as this one. Price: $1,495.00.

Marti Deco
Art Deco clock by Chiparus
White Circle Clock
Bauhaus Style From the 1930s


This is a beautiful fruitwood veneered mantelpiece in the Bauhaus style from the 1930s that plays two different chimes as well as an off switch on its face. The face is a brilliant chrome finish on the numbers and hands. Price: Sold.


This is a very attractive mantel timepiece in good working order and keeping excellent time. The blue glass surrounds the dial, which possesses stylized Arabic numerals. Most likely, it is German and is circa 1930s. The dimensions for this Art Deco shelf clock are width approx. 6.50 inches and height approx. 4.75 inches. Price: Sold.

Modern Clock
Blue Glass Surrounds the Dial
Box Clock
German Timepiece From the 1930s


This is a lovely chiming German timepiece from the 1930s. It is pendulum-driven with an 8-day wind. The styling is absolutely fabulous with the curved lines of the exotic wood finish and touched off with the chrome numbering hands and for sale. This mantel clock is approximately 16.9 inches in width, 5.1 inches in depth, and 9 inches in height. It would be a beautiful decoration for your shelf. Price: Sold.


The Jaeger LeCoultre is known today as LeCoultre, one of the finest timekeepers in the world. This antique mantel clock is most surely a fabulous “nifty fifties” design. It is styled still in the Art Deco mode, yet thoroughly modern, not just for its time but even for today. This beautiful work of art could adorn your mantel, table, or desk as it works well with all. It is approximately 5.5 inches wide by 6.5 inches tall. Price: Sold.

Clock Transparent Circle
The Jaeger LeCoultre