Antique Collectable Clocks: Investment In Time

Why Buy An Antique Mantel Clock?

Antique old and collectable mantel clocks are actually an "investment in time." They allow you to enjoy the benefits and brilliance of old-world artisanship and the beauty of their work. Antique mantel clocks are a wonderful way to acquire collectible art that is for sale and enhance your home with an investment both in beauty and value. Here, we specialize in small shelf clocks that can fit on your mantelpiece or shelf, adding charm to your home as well as increasing in value over the years. Try buying a new one and see what it is worth the following week. Not much. A beautiful and collectible French or American antique clock is something that you can pass down to others in your family as an heirloom.

Why Choose Us For Your Antique Clock?

Buying a collectable antique mantel or carriage clock for sale from, benefits you because not only is it reasonably priced but it is a trouble free, running and working old mantle clock. All of our unique antique French or American shelf or carriage timepieces have been tested, cleaned and restored where called for. Each antique French or American timepiece is in excellent running condition, but you should expect them to have some wear from moving, usage, storage, even wars. Being said there is nothing that would prevent your enjoyment of these beautiful, unusual and decorative mantel clocks as "functional" art.

The Ultimate Clock Guarantee

Your French or American mantle clock is ready to be enjoyed, is running and a good timekeeper no matter how old it is. All of our clocks have the easiest guarantee. When you buy from us we guarantee your complete right of return within 7 days of your receipt, providing it was not subject to abuse and comes back in the same condition as sent. You just pay the shipping of it back to us, properly and safely packaged and 100% of your purchase price, less our shipping, shall be refunded. We further guarantee the mechanism for one full year from receipt. Just remove it, by removing the two screws that hold it in place, pack it carefully and return it to us insured for the same price you paid.

Our Customers Speak Volumes

"The clock arrived safe and sound and I'm very pleased with it. Many thanks Ira."

Roberta Livingstone N.Y.

"I highly recommend him, and know that no matter what you order and no matter what happens, you will be pleased with your purchase."

Ron Kirby, CO

"I found Ira to be most accommodating as well as honest, and the items were exactly as described. If I had any questions, all were answered in a timely and most courteous fashion. I would gladly purchase from again."

Charles Mistretta, N.Y.

"The clock looks good on my bookcase......I am pleased with my purchase....."

Cheryl Opalack, PA

"Ira you are great to work with - I don't think I have worked with any person that has been as sharp as you. I understand that these clocks are old and have a few warts - Thanks....."

Dennis Ritter, CA

" Ira was terrific in helping us find a unique and unusual French clock to replace the clock my husband purchased 35 years ago as a young serviceman in Europe which was later stolen. We have utmost confidence in Ira and look forward to a continuing business relationship with him......"

Harrolyn Groves, W. VA

" I purchased a clock from and my experience dealing with Ira was excellent. He replied to my many emails immediately and told me exactly what to do when I received my clock. When I got the clock, it was very well packaged, and worked just as Ira said. He continued to be helpful even after the purchase was complete. I would use again. "

Annie M., Washington DC

"I was thrilled with my French mantel clock, it was exactly as was described and was professionally packaged.  His advice and response to my emails was excellent.  I wouldn't hesitate to buy another clock from Ira." 

Louise B. Brisbane, AU

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French antique mantle clock
Bourret a Paris, c 1790-1800 Museum Quality
French antique mantel clock Empire C 1820 art deco antique mantel clock Grand French Large Four Glass By F. Berthoud c 1860-70 art deco collectible Labeille portico set collectible decorative Masterpiece by Deniere C 1830's carriage clock antique French clock By Encely & Barbot Paris pendulum
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